The first year costs of standing up a drone service business can easily surpass $300,000!


As a contracted "center for drone excellence",  our job is to maximize the value companies create when commercializing UAS.  This starts by enabling them to pursue and win enterprise level UAS service contracts BEFORE investing in costly UAS equipment and personnel. Call VersaTOL today and learn how partnering with us can set your company apart from competitors, and help quickly get your drone business off the ground with minimum risk to your money and reputation. 

Aircraft and Sensors

Ranging from small all-electric multi-rotors, to full sized manned-to-unmanned conversions, our fleet of fully automated VTOL UAS can satisfy the requirements of any UAV inspection task, especially those that require large payloads, and long endurance to achieve the productivity required for commercial success.


With years of experience under their belts, our team of highly skilled UAS operators have a proven safety record flying drones low to the ground in cluttered environments.


As your companies contracted "center for drone excellence", we can help devise, demonstrate, and bring to market lower-cost methods for completing complicated dull, dirty, and dangerous tasks using VTOL UAS.